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passing by getty center, griffith observatory, los angeles city hall, and the nasa jet propulsion laboratory, queen mary, malibu beach, long beach aquarium. she was everywhere you can just watch it forever. >> this is the los angeles skyline. >> endeavor touched down at los angeles international airport today. and rob hays was there for the landing. >> the arrival at l.a.x. was an audible one. from a tarmac buzz... to a burst of applause. to lmz this. into is a humming of the scene from star trek. by the fly buy bimade it final. and the days soaring through space or across the skies are over. but it days of inspiring will continue at california science center. >> admission is free. go see the space shuttle. it's going to inspire a lot of kids to imagine what they can do and fwoitsing to inspire a lot of people to think what we can do when we're constructive, and not destructive. >> the pop pomp and circumstance emphasizing excitement of landing in los angeles. later tonight when the sun is start stog-to-set, and things have settled down, that is when this massive crane will swing
the racial divide in the great outdoors. >> and this breaking news is happening in los angeles. a wildfire in an area near the hollywood hills this, blaze has burned 10 acres near interstate 405. more than 100 firefighters are on the lines as you can see here, battling flames. and heat is intense, temperatures there surpassing 100 degrees. >> officials say they're lucky winds are relatively mild. you can see a water drop taking place there. there is a mild winds and you can see this is a difficult task on a hillside. there is a lot of traffic impacted nearby. there is a chance the fire could still threaten homes in the bell air area going back to live pictures now. the getty center has been evacuated and as have several synagogues. we've been keeping track since our 4:00 news. good evening, everybody i'm larry beil. >> and there is federal agents monitoring occupy pro testors turned out to be true. fbi released some records of surveillance so far from all of them. there is where we are live with more on this for us. >> this coming monday, basically marks a one-year anniversary of the first
for an end to the violence. lead leaders from both groups appeared together in los angeles. each condemned the film as well as violence that followed. >> we cannot allow the action of a few fanatical individuals to define our communities. >> when an ignorant person targets you? say this and leave. these will be the teachings more honoring if you follow to the name of the prophet rather than getting into the frenzy. >> both leaders expressed condolences to families of the four americans killed in libya last week. including ambassador chris stevens who grew up in piedmont. >> and the man behind the film lives in cerritos. >> to presidential politics now tonight mitt romney trying to deflect charges he doesn't care about average americans and the president announce aid new action against china. and there is romney in los angeles today, a sid vo showing him telling wealthy donors half believe they're entitled to support. and in los angeles saying the president only reacted after his ad suggest jobs were being lost to china. >> if i knew all it would have taken was running an ad, boy have run o
the space shuttle to a museum in los angeles. and during this journey it will do low level fly overs past urban areas to so folks can see it. thursday, september 20th passing over moffett field and go over san francisco, and other california cities. stay tuned for the details on the exact time the flyover will take place. we'll try to keep you posted where werk see it fun to seerks right. >> tonight here on abc 7 news the government's latest unemployment numbers and impact they could have on who will occupy the white house next year. >> and there is clint eastwood explains points he was trying to make in the republican national convention. >> and olympic swimmer making a big splash this weekend. his campaign to ensure safety of your kids in the pool. abñcús >>. >>> new unemployment numbers have cast a shadow over president obama's acceptance speech, 96,000 new jobs were created last month, 35,000 fewer than expected. the rate fell but only because a lot of people save up looking. u.s. work force has fallen to the lowest level in 31 years. there is the political implications. >> i just g
area billy jo armstrong is back in los angeles tonight after a weekend health scare. he was rushed to a hospital in italy for an undisclosed emergency forcing the band to cancel a concert n los angeles he he mouthed words my voice is gone which many suspect was just a ruse to avoid speaking with reporter autos fire officials tell us a wildfire above glendora will not be contained until a week from thursday. the fire destroyed 3600 acres and campers and residents were evacuated over the weekend. the flames now appear to be burning on uninhabited land. firefighters relying on cooler weather ask calmer winds. and there is is a battle against mosquitoes continues in the bay area, fogging trucks will be out in parts of contra costa counties. vector control targeting and there has been several hours of may have spraiing start agent 11:00 p.m. the town of knighton will be fogged tonight. >> and we have more ahead on abc 7 news at 6:00 including an update on a highway shootout in the east bay that left an officer on life support and a major freeway shut down. >> and i've been in traffic tw
. and this is piggy back flight delayed for a day. the final destination is california science center in los angeles with stops in houston and edwards air force base and there is friday morning making a pass over at about 8:30 in the morning flying back up the east bay before circling and then making a fly overof the nasa ames research center. and today nick smith got a ride inside of a flight simulator. it is home to the largest vertical motion flight simulator and shuttle astronauts train there. >> when someone comes back from space and say we've just discovered a new planet, you know it's not probably going to change my life but that knowledge is going change the way we do things in the future. >> there is one of the largest super computers anywhere in the world. >> and when the shuttle endeavor gets to los angeles it will take another major exercise in transportation logistics to get it from airport to science museum. 12 miles of freeways and city streets abc 7 news robert olguin explains how goitsing to be done. >> on the 400 block of route is starting to take shape and streets are blocked. cre
it is going to be housed permanently at the california science center in los angeles. astronaut mark kelly asked for a special fly by of tucson, arizona on the way here for his wife, the wounded congress woman, gabrielle giffords can see it one more time. >> hundreds cheered the shuttle arrival in houston, and in mountain view, police estimate 8,000 people will try to see it on friday, and they encourage to take mass transit or carpool. nasa says it's reached its cap on parking passes. >> and friday morning is going to be flown to the state capitol in sacramento and going to make a pass over the east bay starting in hayward at about 8:30 in the morning then going to circle the golden gate bridge skb do a low pass fly by over nasa ames research center whereas nauts were trained to pilot that shuttle. >> bay area air pass has been closed for the fly overbut we think and hope to be able to get you good shots. so tune in friday. >> we hope fog will cooperate. >> and still to come tonight here on abc 7 news, a deadly chemical nound a common staple of the diet. we're going to have a recommendati
. police received information from los angeles police he was exchanging pictures of children, some as young as two years old thchl is video when abc 7 news highlighted his work for the human rights commission. >> there is a protest march and rally over the police shooting of a 15-year-old is wrapping up now. police say the officer was cleared of wrong doing but the family and friends still have many questions about what happened. and abc 7 news is live with the latest on this story. >> the event just wrapped up. after that march, the organization behind me is where a 15-year-old was shot and killed by south san francisco police officer. and this is why have all of the people, his family, and friends, came down today to gather. they have lots of banners and signs. calling for justice. and now, he was killed after a confrontation with this police officer and this boy had a gun and as for the investigation it's turning out that they said he reached for the gun. he started to get up so the officer fired. and the family says there should have been charges. >> there is family by no means perfect,
distributed were disturbing. >> this so much warrant reveals how disturbing says that in january, los angeles police began an investigation after receiving cyber tips from the national center of missing and exploited childrening. aol reported a user had been communicating with another user with a yahoo address. that user turned out to be an in aug australia. attachments show children as young as two and three being sexually assaulted and performing various sex acts on adult men n may, lapd turn the case over to san francisco police telling them zach 3737 was larry brinken. investigators found that brinken belonged to several yahoo discussion groups they say exchanged stories about exploiting young boys and girls. those conversations also contain racial slurs against african americans. gascone says there is no question of the involvement. >> he was a active participant in receiving this information and passing it out. >> this video shows brinken years ago, being profiled when receiving counseling to dweel a stress of his work at the human rights commission. best known there for pieo yearing wo
, los angeles, oceanside right now picking up moderate rain so if you have travel plans or waiting for someone to come back from this location, there could be some slight delays there. >> here's a look at the highs today. a lot of 80s. although in the north bay, we had 90, cloverdale, clear lake, and santa rosa yesterday. the numbers came down, so 87, clear lake. 65, san francisco. antioch, 87. livermore, 81. 74 was the high in san jose. temperatures trending down right now. santa rosa, 79. 62 in san francisco, and mountain view right now, 72. 72 in livermore, and 82 in antioch. here's a look at our highlights to get you through tonight, at least the first part of the work week. cool overnight, temperatures inland in the mid-to-upper 40s. we'll keep a little patchy coastal cloud, mild for your monday afternoon, ask then warm things up a little bit each day as we progress through the week. 43 the low tonight in santa rosa, compared to 53 for san francisco and overcast conditions, and 58 in antioch. this low helped to cool some parts of the bay area down, maybe one or two degrees thi
and then on to los angeles to be placed in a human. the endeavour flew 25 missions, logging nearly 300 days in space and circled earth more than 3600 times. now it gets to rest. >> alan: leigh glaser has a look at the week ahead. >> leigh: a little murky. you can see the cloud deck is above the towers there, but slowly starting to slide south. so, it's the mist and drizzle reported on the span, and if you commute over there, early tomorrow morning, get ready for low clouds, fog, mist and drizzle, and a cooling trend is on top. picking up the low cloudiness banking up near the cost. westerly winds are going to push that further inland tonight so get ready for overcast conditions tomorrow and that's also going to mean a sign that temperatures will begin to cool for us around here. for at least the next couple of days. fog right now. bow bodega bay, and winds on the increase. here's the highs today. 91 in fairfield. 87 in antioch. san rafael, 77. once that fog bank cleared away you saw sunshine. 60 was the high in san francisco. 85 was the high in morgan hill. currently we have 70 in santa rosa. 56, sa
in california history is official n los angeles today, governor brown signed a measure increasing co-pay new state employees will pay, including reducing rear tirmt benefits and raising the age at which they can receive them. >> there is we're going to cap the amount. you shouldn't be getting a pension when you make bigger salaries like some managers do. the more you make you're supposed to know how to invest it. >> the cap the governor spoke of is still a healthy $132,000 a year. the public pension fund is $165 billion in the red this, is expected to save as much as $55 billion over 30 years. >> amazing discovery here. a crane operator working on san francisco new trance bay terminal uncovered an artifact that may help seismologists study our faults. the tooth and parts of a jaw of a woolly mammoth. some 110 feet below beal street. the beast has not roamed for at least 11,000 years, when it did, the earth was still form oogt big deal we can study it, and this helps us figure out tech tonics and transbay project officials say they'll donate the finds to the california academy of sciences. >>
will be back and you can follow his tweets. >> and g.o.p. vice presidential candidate paul ryan is in los angeles tonight. his first visit to california since being named mitt romney's running mate. and today' tacked the economic record and told supporters rights of americans come from nature and god and not from government. and there is one person that won't be giving advice is meg whitman. she spoke with terry mcsweeney today in an event. >> i'm out of the politics business now. if you're not in the campaign, living it your advice is not that useful. you have to be in the swim. like looking at hp but not being interest there and giving us advice. it's not that helpful unless you're in the middle of it. >> there is tonight's money matters, wall street give as proveal to a plan to boost the european economy. the dow jones shot up by more than 244 points. and today european central bank agreed to buy unlimit amount of bonds from country as agreeing to strict economic reforms. and there is a private equity firm thain vested in solyndra stands to lose $900 million or so but will be able to c
's going to be hot in palm springs, 82 in los angeles. there is going up to tahoe there is an isolated possibility of showers. 75 tahoe and there is 58 degrees and locally we're going to see a slight dip in temperatures but going to be brief there is 70s near the keft. taking a look at the accu-weather forecast much warmer for weekend and there is sunday, upper 90s, monday heat peaks 100 inland. 74 into coastal areas yes. >> that is inland areas there is summer-like heat. >> no kidding thank you very much. >> and nfl's real refs back on the job tonight. >> there they are. you're going to see reception received from fans in baltimore just a short time >> i can stay connected 24-7 on abc 7 news.com. >> there are three prime time programs making debuts tonight. one is brand new, and at 8:00 that sfoled at 9:00 by the premier of gray's amad matt any and second season of scandal at sock. >> then on abc 7 news at 11:00 questions about safety in the skies over sonoma county. there is a investigation into a fight between neighbors that may be putting pilots at risk. also... >> tonight at 9:00
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